Local Plans Expert Group

The Local Plans Expert Group (LPEG) was established by the Communities Secretary, Greg Clark and the Minister of State for Housing and Planning, Brandon Lewis in September 2015. LPEG was asked to examine how local plans can be made more efficient and effective.

LPEG has engaged in extensive consultation and a call for evidence with a wide range of interested parties in order to gain a full understanding of the issues affecting the production of local plans. Whilst the NPPF has been widely welcomed and should be maintained, we consider that significant reform is necessary to local plans to ensure that the full potential of the NPPF in reforming our planning system is realised.

In response to our brief, LPEG has submitted its report to the Communities Secretary and to the Minister of Housing and Planning. The report including its recommendations is available to be downloaded below together with a full set of Appendices, a series of more detailed Discussion Papers for practitioners, which explain our work and thinking in more detail and a set of our Detailed recommendations, which includes proposals for their transition. A copy of our Press Release is also provided.


The Department for Communities and Local Government is inviting representations on our recommendations which should be made by 27 April 2016 – at the attached link https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WRN6HHV

Representations can also be sent to LocalPlansExpertGroupReport@communities.gsi.gov.uk






Detailed Recommendations


Press Release


Discussion Papers